Agriculture is at the root of culture
Maurice Bejart

I included this phrase by Maurice Béjart since I am absolutely convinced that agriculture is one of the most important subjects that we must tend to.
Of course cities and commerce were, and will continue to be, essential factors in the development of civilization, but the critical questions that regard humanity, the qualitative leap of “consciousness” that we must undergo to allow the earth to sustain us will be achieved only though a “radical new look” at our relationship with the environment.
In this manner, the « autonomous » farmers are critical players (to whom we should allow free speech rather than to so called experts) of tomorrows world.
The fascination that people have with the wine world is a result of being in in touch with “essential things”, those things that put us in relation with the earth that we walk upon and the cosmos from where life has emanated.
The vines (not unlike all plants) place us in the front row of the osmosis show. The elaboration of wine also requires us to be “alchemists” since the process of the fermenting grape, despite all modern knowledge regarding the crafting of the nectar, still has plentiful secrets (of Punch ?) that remain guarded in the wineries.
In producing an honest and personalized wine (that is to say that could not be produced elsewhere), it remains possible that the current globalization may also be the doyen of culture, singularity and humanity.
As a winemaker, the product requires that we often go beyond our limits in order to capture the energy of a particular space so as to release its flavours and aromas.
This is what we attempt to do at Puy Arnaud.
Welcome to this website that I have tried to make attractive and, I hope, interesting to navigate through. .


Thierry Valette

Clos Puy Arnaud is a member of the Biodyvin wine Union,

Renaissance des Appellations association (Return to Terroir) and

Cercle Rive Droite des Vins de Bordeaux.


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