There is a link between aesthetic and biological harmony.


It became clear to me that I could do no less than cultivate the land in an organic approach. Despite all of the expert’s denials, I realized that the methods of conventional viticulture did not correspond to a free spirit who is conscious on the one hand of his responsibility (as an employer and citizen) and on the other of his relationship with nature….

Of course, being in organic agriculture does not allow you to neglect the work of elaborating wine : producing fine wine requires significant intentions, attention and care on a daily basis.
Slowly but surely I took the path of biodynamic winemaking which, continually enriched, is the finest and most precise agricultural method to express a specific terroi.

Anne Calderoni
Vine Consultant-Biodynamic-Elaboration of Wine

A vision of biodynamic viticulture
(By Anne Calderoni)


At this stage, I am not about to express grand demonstrations on the principles and methods of biodynamic agriculture.. I will merely state that evermore great winemakers have adopted this method around the world and that certain ones, thanks to this approach, obtain fruit quality and mineral flavours that go beyond the notion of taste …
I accept biodynamic winemaking as a basis for my work and I attempt, wherever possible, to undertake an open practice on the present and the future of all processes that are “living” .
For me , this type of winemaking is the sole agricultural method allowing us to work above and beyond a “materialistic”, approach, therefore permitting to broach the notions of energetic and vibrating qualities contained both in the soil and in the plant.
In this sense it is similar in approach to “soft medicines” (acupuncture, homeopathy,  etc……) and, within our global village, it permits us to work, at least in the agricultural and agronomical fields, by bringing together oriental and occidental visions.
We have been in collaboration 2004 with Anne Calderoni since 2004. This collaboration, adds to the spirit of openness. exchange, and permanent, questioning of our approach (that has its fair share of “animated and contradictory” discussions).
That must, in my opinion, stimulate a place where organic and biodynamic agriculture is practiced.
This is a lively demarche, that should be, continually enriched, by our experiences and reflections. This attitude of openness. and calling into question is also representative of the overriding philosophy of the Biodyvin group (see page “Links”).
It is understood, that the people, who’ work , here are “participants". in a demarche (and therefore )responsible (co-actors), tending to the soils, the environment and of course to the wine as an end result.

Semis Calendar

Portion of the Semis calendar :

“September is the month of the autumn equinox that in an opposing balance with the spring : Darkness will gain over light for the 6 months to come. Nostalgia is accentuated : is the season of the “Colchicum Autumnale” with their pale mauve flowers tending towards pink. They appear to be evanescent when compared to the crocus. There is a great resemblance but the general action is totally different. The crocus is vertically, firm on the stem whereas the colchicum autumnale grows out, almost regrettably, on a stem that is frail and without leaves. To understand the action of emanation ,as “breathless”, must realize what autumn signifies for most of the plants : It is the period where the leaves also fade, he flowers and the plant concentrates on its fruit and its seed, The vegetal world is in its great act of interiorization and maturation and the crocus accomplishes, at that moment, and in that ambiance, the action of inverse, flowering ,so as to reveal itself to its environment”

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